564 DF Gas - Lopi

Category: Gas Fireplaces
Manufacturer: Lopi show products
Model Number 564 DF
Type Gas
Heating Capacity 950 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input 20,500 BTU's
Steady State Efficiency 75%
P4 Canadian Efficiency 67.7% (NG) 70.11% (LP)
Fan Optional 150 CFM
Glass Size 564
Venting Top or Rear
Weight 155 Lbs.

The 564 Diamond-Fyre™ offers a more contemporary look that features a ribbon-style burner and a sleek black enamel fire container that holds the dancing flames. A bed of bottom-lit crushed glass surrounds the fire, glowing and sparkling with tiny flame reflections. Select from the three colors of crushed glass and three fireback options to create your own customized fire display.

The wide ribbon of flame, along with the heat output can be controlled by the convenient Comfort Control gas valve. The Comfort Control feature allows you to turn off the sides of the burner to turn down the heat while maintaining the fire. This allows you to comfortably be able to use your fireplace year around.

The basic GreenSmart system in the 564 DF allows you to run your fireplace in either standing pilot mode - where the pilot flame stays on which is ideal in really cold climates where it is important to maintain a draft for proper operation, or in the electronic ignition mode (IPI), where your pilot flame goes out when you turn off your fireplace saving you gas and money. This makes the 564 DF one of the most “Green” fireplaces you can own.

The 564 DF allows you the option of adding the revolutionary “GreenSmart” modulating remote control. This “ultimate” hands free control gives you the ability to control virtually every function of the fireplace. You control the flame and heat output manually, run the fireplace on thermostat mode or set your fireplace to the”Smart” mode. 

The “Smart” mode automatically modulates the fire and heat up and down to maintain the fire and room temperature. With the “Smart” mode your room will stay at a more constant temperature and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the fire longer using the same amount or less fuel.

The 564 DF can be personalized for each room or home décor. Choose from something as simple as the basic grill to three different face options in a choice of textured finishes. Finally complete your installation by adding a quiet convection blower that is ideal for circulating the fireplace warmth quickly and evenly throughout the home.

Practical, efficient and beautiful - The 564 DF makes the ideal fireplace solution for those looking for a more contemporary fire.

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