564 DF Gas - Fireplacextrodinair

Model Number 564 DF
Type Gas
Heating Capacity 950 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input 20,500 BTU's
Steady State Efficiency 75%
P4 Canadian Efficiency 67.7% (NG) 70.11% (LP)
Fan Optional 150 CFM
Glass Size 564
Venting Top or Rear
Weight 155 Lbs.

The 564 Diamond-Fyre™ does not utilize logs and embers. Instead, a sleek black enamel fire container holds the dancing flames. Glowing crushed glass lit from below with the standard accent lights, surrounds the fire and sparkles with tiny reflections of the flames. Firebacks are required, and you can choose the black painted fireback or opt for the black enamel or brushed stainless steel fireback which reflects the ever-changing flames, creating the illusions of multiple fires. Select from the three colors of crushed glass for the firebox floor- Platinum, Cobalt or Bronze for your own customized display.

The 564 Diamond-Fyre™ includes a single ribbon burner that will heat an area of up to 950 square feet. The 564 Diamond-Fyre™ comes standard with the fan and the GreenSmart™ 2 wall mounted remote control.

• Tempered glass: 30" W x 16-3/4" H*
• Safety screen in front of glass.
• Diamond-Fyre™ ribbon burner
• 8” top or rear vent options
• Under Lite Interior Accent Light
• 180 CFM convection fan
• GreenSmart™ 2 wall mounted remote control
* Viewing area will vary with face design.

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